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Ram gateway makes visitors proud of themselves by providing basic computer related services and web-advertising. It will be published with much store-related quality products and to get the right product at the best price. It's been designed to meet the home and organization needs through on line. This web layout is designed by a basic computer knowledge holder to provide web related services. It is for your option to watch this publication how a beginner is developing and improving a web site in regular manner. It will also be planned in such a manner. The aim and scope of this website is to provide our customer with useful information for on line shop of quality products at any time. This web site will be updated periodically. This site is for all age groups.

Safety first

Welcome you to the money transaction safety area. A home personnel computer with an internet connection and a credit card/debit processing service are quite suitable for on line transaction. But, we have knowledge to aware about the secure transaction. Avoid responding to calls or e-mail or clicking on links in e-mail requesting your personnel account information. Always we have to process in a secure web site: https:// signifies a secure site. PayPal is how individuals and businesses send and receive money on line. pay pal is for international and a local bank for national transaction

Computer related services

The internet is the new gateway of communication for connecting customer relations. The internet is quite suitable for remaining competitive in the changing market places. Web marketing is a viable avenue for challenging the current economic downturn which maximizing performance, cutting cost and maintaining profit ability. Global producers aim to supply superior quality goods at low cost. On line purchases can still reduce the cost further. We like to offer computer related services. You can assign a job to us. Since most of the works will be carried out by us at home without hiring workers/infrastructures we can complete the job in a cost effective manner. You can approach for web designing, content writing, web advertising.

Web advertising

A business tool has boundaries and the competitions to sell or buy a product or to provide service are moving to an on line platform. Maximum number of Internet users researches a product or information on line before making a decision to purchase. The internet is the new medium for building and maintaining customer relations. The intention of this web hosting is to provide support to sell your product by the web based advertisement. In addition we also provide a few computer related services more economically. To provide a web advertisement you need a registered domain like www.ramgateway.com and a hosting plan. You need a computer with an operating system and internet connection. You have to hire a person to develop a web site. When an investment with daily monitoring will not be suitable for small business centre it is better to approach us to add a file like xyz.html. The given information will be added on your file with contact form. Any enquiry will be passed to your e mail ID which can be accessed by a computer and mobile phone. We will put the given advertisement before the world. Given advertisements will be help us to meet the operational expenses.

Future planning

This web site is re-designing to maintain the good customer relation and co-operation with our clients. You can send your valuable suggestion to us for follow up action. We have to ascertain the requirements of our customers. For example, if you need digital publication we will plan to meet your requirements and inform to you about our readiness. The machine translation is with the help of Google's free on line language translation service.

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